Auric Air now operates 8 X weekly flights from Dar es salaam to Dodoma

Located in the heartland of Tanzania, Dodoma is the nation’s new official political capital and the seat of government in the country.

Comparably much smaller and less developed than the country’s commercial centre, Dar Es Salaam, Dodoma remains a centre for national politics. 

Situated on the eastern edge of the southern highlands, the city of Dodoma is surrounded by a rich agricultural area and pleasant scenery. Dodoma has many places and items of interest to recommend it to the passing visitor.


Schedule - DAILY

Flt 213 - Dep 07:00 Dar to Dodoma Arr 08:30 (Mon - Sat)

Flt 214 - Dep 09:00 Dodoma to Dar Arr 10:30 (Mon - Sat)

Flt 217 - Dep 14:30 Dar to Dodoma Arr 16:00 (Daily)

Flt 218 - Dep 16:30 Dodoma to Dar Arr 18:00 (Daily)