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Special offer alert for IRINGA flights:

Class Rate Class show Validity Days of class visibility
Y  $               160.00  10 days before the flight 20 March 2022 to 31 Dec 2022 Sun‚ Tue‚ Thur and Sat
Y  $               160.00  24 hrs before the flight 20 March 2022 to 31 Dec 2022 Sun‚ Tue‚ Thur and Sat


Auric Air offers daily flights to Iringa.

Iringa is located in the southern highlands of Tanzania near the country's legislative capital of Dodoma and the agricultural centre of Morogoro. Iringa is a pleasant small town and a focus of regional agriculture and production. Its streets are quiet and peaceful‚ and the market offers a colourful scene of traditional African culture. Iringa overlooks the little Ruaha River and is a popular stopping point for visitors to Ruaha National Park. 

Historically‚ Iringa was a centre of colonial administration. During the German occupation‚ the German military constructed the town as a fortified defence against marauding Hehe tribal warriors intent on driving them out of the region. Gangilonga Rock‚ a site just outside of the town‚ is a legendary spot where the Hehe chief at that time‚ Chief Mkwawa met with his people and decided how to fight the Germans. Iringa was also the site of several battles during the First and Second World Wars and the Commonwealth War. Graves are located just outside of town.