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 The total baggage allowance for each passenger‚ inclusive of hand baggage‚ cameras‚ filming equipment and any other personal item including loose clothing‚ is 20kgs (44lbs) per passenger. Excess baggage will only be carried‚ at the sole discretion of the Captain of the aircraft‚ if the payload of the aircraft and/or space permits and will be charged at the prevailing rate for carriage of freight. 

If passengers anticipate they will have excess baggage‚ we recommend the below options:

- Excess Baggage is available in slabs of 10kgs.
- Excess baggage cost: $60.00 & $30.00 per slab
- Cost varies on the route/class booked.
- Maximum 4 slabs (40kgs) of additional luggage can be booked per passenger.
- Excess baggage can be purchased online for all classes on all routes.

For more than 40kgs‚ a "freight" seat at a child fare to be booked‚ which will permit confirmed carriage of an extra 75kgs. Captain of the aircraft may weigh the bags at airstrips‚ excess baggage can only be allowed at the Captain's sole decision based on aircraft's capacity. We accept suitcases‚ as long as they are within the size limit.

5. Freight is strictly carried at the sole discretion of the Captain of the aircraft. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure any freight‚ In the event the freight being lost or damaged during carriage‚ the Warsaw convention states that the Company’s liability is limited to a maximum of US $20 per kg. Damaged baggage will be considered on an individual basis depending on the extent of the damage. Scratches or opened zips will not be considered. Auric Air has no responsibility whatsoever for any cash‚ credit cards‚ jewelry‚ cameras‚ computers or other valuables contained in checked baggage.