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Is there anywhere I can store any excess baggage?

Yes‚ there is a complimentary secure store at our Dar es salaam Airport office - Terminal 
Please inquire in advance

Is the 20kg baggage allowance inclusive of hand luggage?

Yes. However if passengers anticipate they will have excess baggage‚ we recommend below options:

  • Book the excess baggage in advance
  • The excess baggage are available in slabs of 10kgs
  • The excess baggage cost is $60.00 & $30.00 per slab (inquire for the cost for the excess baggage for your flight)
  • Maximum of 4 slabs (40kgs) additional luggage can be booked per person
  • For more than 40kgs‚ a freight seat at child fare to be booked‚ which will permit a carriage of an extra 75kgs

Can I carry hard suit cases?

Yes‚ you can carry hard suitcases‚ the dimension should be within the size as shown on the poster at this link



Is there a discounted fare for children?

Yes‚ children between age 2 to 11 years (inclusive) are charged 75% of the applicable Adult fare. Infants under 2 years of age are not charged providing they are not occupying a seat. Infants are not entitled to baggage allowance.

How can I make payment for my tickets? 

Online by credit card or Mobile money at the time of making your booking. Alternatively‚ email for other payment options such as credit card payment links‚ or bank transfer options.

What happens if my international flight into Tanzania is delayed and I miss my Auric Air flight?

No show passengers will be required to book and pay for new tickets. However‚ if prior notification is received by up to 24 hours before the flight‚ Auric Air can transfer your booking‚ at a cost of 50% of your ticket basic cost‚ to the next available flight but has no responsibility whatsoever for any related extra costs. If seats are not available‚ no refunds will be made. You are advised to ensure that your travel insurance covers such situations.

I want to book a flight to the Serengeti‚ etc but do not know which airstrip to select when making my booking?

Please click here for the camp/lodge location maps to see which is the closest airstrip to your camp/lodge. Alternatively send us an email using

Do all your scheduled service flights operate on a daily basis?

Most routes operate daily‚ you can check our schedule by clicking on the below:
- 2020 schedule 
- 2021 schedule 

Can I book a seat on your scheduled services to transfer between two airstrips within the Serengeti or between‚ for example‚ Serengeti and Selous?

Yes‚ you can book the internal Serengeti flights‚ or between 2 tourist destinations e.g. Serengeti and Selous‚ the internal airstrip timings are subject to the planned routing of the aircraft for that particular day. The internal airstrip bookings can be made online‚ or alternatively by sending us an email using

Do I need to re-confirm my flights once I have a ticket?

No‚ but it is recommended that you contact our operations from 24 hrs to 48 hrs‚ or the evening before the flight to reconfirm the timings‚ as timings on some routes can vary by upto 40 minutes depending on the routing of the aircraft.

Can I make a provisional online reservation?

No‚ you can only make a firm booking.

Can I make an online amendment or cancel a booking I have made online?

No‚ the details of any amendment or a cancellation must be sent by email to

What happens if I have to cancel a booking?

  • Confirmed tickets for flights on all sectors with exception of flights between Game Reserves‚ Conservation Areas and National Parks attract a penalty of 50% for cancellations or amendments within 48 hours of departure time and a penalty of 100% for cancellations or amendments within 24 hours of scheduled departure time. 100% Penalty is applicable for NO SHOW passengers.
  • Confirmed tickets for flights to and from National Parks‚ Conservation Areas and Game Reserves attract a penalty of 100% if cancelled or amended within 48 hours of departure time. 100% Penalty is applicable for NO SHOW passengers. 
  • Once issued‚ tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. A ticket can be cancelled or amended within prescribed time as per above. Auric Air does not have a refund policy. In an event of cancellation‚ the prepaid amount will be held as credit on account for future travel within six months from the date of payment. Credit on account can be transferred to another passenger by paying applicable credit transfer fee. 


When do I have to Check-in?

The latest Check-in time for all passengers is strictly 60 minutes before flight time. Auric Air reserves the right to depart up to 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled departure time if passengers are not present at the place of departure by that time. Auric Air has no responsibility for direct or indirect costs resulting from passengers missing a flight due to non-compliance‚ for whatever reason‚ with the above Check-in times.

Which Terminal do you operate from at Julius Nyerere International Airport - Dar es salaam?

Auric Air operates all it’s schedule and private chartered flights from Terminal 1 (One)‚ JNIA Airport Dar es salaam.

How far is Terminal 1 from International arrivals/departures?

The actual driving time is about 5 minutes but during the morning and evening rush hours you need to allow a minimum of 10 minutes for the journey.

Can you organize a transfer between Terminal 1 and International terminal at Julius Nyerere International Airport‚ Dar es salaam?

Yes‚ provided you give us an advanced notice we will arrange for you to be met upon exit from the Arrivals gate and brought to our Check-in‚ or if you are connecting onwards‚ then from Auric Air arrival to International departure check in gate. The cost for the terminal transfer is $5.00 per passenger. 

What type of aircraft do you operate?

You can check out the Auric Air Fleet page for more information.

Do you provide Private Chartered flights?

Yes. Further details‚ including costs‚ can be found under Charters

Do I have to have a minimum/maximum number of passengers in order to book a private charter flight? 

The maximum passengers per aircraft for the Private Chartered flights is 12 passengers‚ since we operate the charters with 2 pilots‚ some destinations have limitation of the take off load‚ please contact us for details.

Am I able to get a snack at your Check-in lounge?

Yes‚ there is a coffee machine at our lounge.




When can a pregnant woman fly?

For a woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy and clearance from doctor can board flights up to the end of 30 weeks of pregnancy.

What documents are required?

The pregnant woman must have a Doctor's certificate or Clinical card.

What form is needs to be filled up?

The pregnant woman has to fill the PART 1 of the MEDI form‚ this can be downloaded from here ‚ or can be asked for at the check in counter.

What is the seating arrangement for a pregnant woman inside the aircraft cabin?

The pregnant woman has to be seated on the last single seat near to the emergency door.