We have currently stopped our scheduled flights to Mbeya, We only accept charter bookings or group bookings

Mbeya is mountainous region with the exception of the lowland areas of Usangu Wetlands, Kyela Chunya, Kamsamba and Msangano divisions in Mbozi which are within the Rift Valley. It is located about 860km, south west of Dar-es-Salaam bordering Malawi and Zambia. The administrative districts include Mbeya, Chunya, Mbarali, Kyela, Rungwe, Mbozi and Ilene.

Mbeya is the best place in Tanzania for hiking and forest walking which are encouraged by cool weather, Nature Excursions to the scenic part of the country like Lake Ngozi, Rungwe Mountain, Natural Bridge in Kiwira or flower garden at Kitulo National Park and Songwe Bat Caves, Mbozi Meteorite site and relaxing at Matema Beach in Lake Nyasa, Kyela.